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Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers

Powering the next generation of healthcare

Open challenges


Improved chronic patient management across different services


Big Data and AI for wearables' data analysis and personalised health recommendations generation

Start-ups with a tailored partnership proposal 34
Partnership exploration meeting 6
Partnership started 3

Autonomous solutions for disinfection and cleaning of different hospital environments

Start-ups with a tailored partnership proposal 7
Partnership exploration meeting 7
Partnership started 4

Online interaction space for patients and their families as part of an online children’s health ecosystem

Start-ups with a tailored partnership proposal 16
Partnership exploration meeting 6
Partnership started 1

Our mission is not just to treat and care, but also inspire and support children and their families by enabling a digital environment for safe and open communication. Collaboration with start-ups and international innovation ecosystem gives us a possibility to see our challenges from broader perspective and realize our mission – healthier and more fulfilling lives for our children!

This programme is the necessary step which helped us [as a hospital] to find the best possible solution for our clinical need […]. Working with start-ups is always much fun. They are really agile, and this is why from the hospital side, we feel they really take into consideration our feedback and our insights to make their product solve the need we have“.

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions that enhance the quality of life of our patients, persons under care and their relatives. By participating in the programme, we have the opportunity to broaden our horizons and gain new perspectives that are necessary for our work with people. We also look forward to making new contacts and meeting enthusiastic founders through the programme.

The SMHCP program is an exceptional opportunity to meet an innovative thinking partner and potential customer. Together with Diakonie, we were able to evaluate our ideas and our solution and had the right contacts within the organization directly. Exciting – and this was undoubtedly our main motivation – is the perspective of working with the partners directly after the program, with the type of collaboration adapted to our challenges and needs.

The programme has given us direct exposure to a Latvian hospital that can use and may buy our product. We’re currently in the latter stages of that procurement process and hopefully it will result in our first European sale. We have also used funding from the programme to access the EIT investor network and support us at a conference showcasing our product in Malta.

We applied for the SMHCP program because it offers the unique opportunity for startups to get in touch with renowned healthcare providers. Noah Labs successfully went through all 3 modules participating in valuable workshops, receiving individual training, and pitching in front of HCPs. The program really accelerated our pace and helped us get a foot in the door at a renowned clinic.

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