Start-ups Meet Pharma

Blueprint for Successful Partnership

Open challenges


Disruptive solutions for early disease idenification and lack of quality of care for systemic lupus erythematosus


Development of a non-invasive tool/device for monitoring the health status of the gut microbiome


Improving Clinical Decision Support Systems in Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)


Portable interstitial lung disease (ILD) diagnostic tool to improve its diagnostics and optimize the time of treatment initiation.

Start-ups with a tailored partnership proposal 13
Partnership exploration meeting 8
Partnership started 1

Tools for monitoring loss of muscle, strength and/or physical function, to manage sarcopenia and frailty in the elderly.

Start-ups with a tailored partnership proposal 17
Partnership exploration meeting 6
Partnership started 2

Solutions to encourage continuity in treatment strategy and optimization for post-myocardial infarction patients.

Start-ups with a tailored partnership proposal 27
Partnership exploration meeting 10
Partnership started 2

At Boehringer Ingelheim we recognise the innovative power of life science start-ups. Start-ups Meet Pharma allowed us to establish a platform to scout the best solutions and to select the best-fitting start-ups to establish a partnership with. Together with the team, we have already identified two start-ups and started to build a collaboration.

At Takeda, we are passionate to serve better our patients. Start-ups Meet Pharma allows Takeda to share the challenges we are working on currently with the most creative minds in European health tech, and to explore how to partner and co-create new solutions with them. SMP truly benefits our patients, and makes fundamental contribution to the vitality of the European health innovation ecosystem.

Start-ups Meets Pharma was very helpful for us because we were able to participate in excellent workshops, get to know other interesting start-ups and have direct exchange with various pharmaceutical companies. This helped us to better develop our pharma business model, get it validated and get access to actual industry decision-makers.

Start-ups Meet Pharma brought business challenges to start-ups which was a fantastic opportunity for us. We learned a lot about partnering with pharma, and were extremely pleased with the outcome for us, which was a project with a leading pharma company.

Start-ups Meet Pharma is a big chance for the start-up teams to tailor our value proposition based on big player’s needs. We had a lot of fun. We learned a lot, we met people we couldn’t otherwise meet, and finally, we had some good, dedicated time with the pharma representatives on how to work with our technology.

We were selected by Amgen to design and run a pilot in Greece, which is undoubtedly a game-changing opportunity for us and the first wide industry validation of our solution. Their input helped us take our product to a new level which is essential in our efforts to achieve a successful product market fit. 

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